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KST Servo Deal Brushless HV 3x BLS-505 Swashplate, 1x BLS 805X Tail

KST Servo Deal Brushless HV 3x BLS-505 Swashplate, 1x BLS 805X Tail
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KST Servo combo for rc helicopters High Voltage, Brushless for 500 class helicopters, LOGO480, 3 x BLS505 Cyclic and 1 x BSLS805X Tail-servo

  BLS 805X Tail Servo BLS 815 CCPM Servo
Dead Band: 
Control Sys:
 --- ms (Default)
+Pulse Width Control
760μs / 560hz
 -10 to + 60 Degree C
 -- ms (Default)
+Pulse Width Control
1520μs / 333hz, 900us-2100us
-10 to + 60 Degree C
 @6.0V: 0.048 sec/60° at no load
@7.4V: 0.042 sec/60° at no load
@8.4V: 0.039 sec/60° at no load
 @6V: 0.09 sec/60° at no load
@7.4V: 0.08 sec/60° at no load
@8.4V: 0.07 sec/60° at no load
Stall Torque: 
@6.0V: 5.5 kg/cm
@7.4V: 5.8 kg/cm
@8.4V: 6.3 kg/cm
 @6V: 5 kg/cm)
@7.4V: 6.2 kg/cm)
@8.4V: 7 kg/cm)
360° Mode: 

Indirect Drive

Indirect Drive

What You Get:
3 x KST BLS 505HV BLS Digital Metal Gear Cyclic Servo
1 x KST BLS 805X HV BLS Digital Meat Gear Tail Servo
3 x KST set horns for BLS505
1 x KST set horns for BLS805X

Technical Information
ConfigurationMotor Brushless, 2x Ball Bearings
Power Informations
Voltage6.0 -8.4V
Product Specification
Temperature (celcius)-10 to + 60 Degree C
Size and Weight Informations
Size (L * W * H)BLS 40.50x20x37mm, BLS50535.5x15x32.50mm
WeightBLS 805 70g, BLS505 40g

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