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Extra Parts for ESC, Motors, PCB boards.

Introduction:Heat Sink Aluminium for Kontronik JIVE Series ESCWhat you Get:1 x Kontronik Heat Sink for JIVE..
Ex Tax:5.50€
Introduction:The ProgUNIT will enthuse you with its intuitive easy-to-use comfort. With the separate and free Software K-KONFIG (for Windows™ PC) programming of your ESC cannot be easier. No endless long manuals, no sound series, no clicking through. Quick and easy you find the parameter you're look..
Ex Tax:48.31€
Introduction:These aren't the same Ferrite Rings, that you're used to. Kontronik's Toroidal cores are specially built from a Nanocrystalline Substance to filter noise out better than any Ferrite Ring ever could. What you Get:1 x Kontronik ProgUNIT -Item 9311..
Ex Tax:4.76€
Product DescriptionFor all Tribunus ESC use.SpecificationsLength     410mmIncluded in the Box2 x Connection cable 410mm1 x Diode cableWeight including packaging44g..
Ex Tax:7.98€
Introduction:Item: Cooling_Fan_30mmScorpion Hi-Speed Cooling Fan 30mm can deliver excellent cooling power for your ESC and Motor during heated competition or battle. It increase air flow and help extend the life on your ESC and Motor.Specifications:Length: 1.2" (30mm)Width: 1.2" (30mm)Thickness: 0.3..
Ex Tax:9.67€
Introduction:Scorpion OPTO Cable is specially design for using Scorpion Commander V series(But not Tribunus series) phase output to connect to the V bar, due to the different voltage of V-bar, ESC and receiver, there are some grounding issue that create an unclean signal to the v-bar with all the ES..
Ex Tax:5.56€
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