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MultiRotor Propellers almost in all Sizes and Categories. Materials used as following:
    Wooden (Energy Efficiency props, Best Balanced)
    Carbon Fiber (Energy Efficiency props, Best Balanced)
    Naylon (Pure Naylon material, Slow Fly Propellers)
    Carbon Filled (Composite Props with Naylon & Carbon Fiber Fill) or Naylon Reinforced with Carbon Fiber
    Glass Filled (Composite Props with ABS Plastic & Glass Fiber Fill) or Plastic Reinforced with Glass Fiber
    Three-Blades Composite Props (Glass Fiber Filled)
    Small Size Propos.( Glass Fiber Filled or ABS Plastic)

Multicopters Propellers are in several types as following:
    Slow Fly (low RPMs, high Thrust)
    APC style ( Thin Pitch, high RPMs)
    Graupner style (Thin Pitch, high RPMs)
    T-Style Propellers

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