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Accessories for Multicopters, Spare Parts and Upgrades

Alarm Finder Tracer Buzzer for RC LostIntroduction:With this device, you can easily locate and find your lost Racing Quad, Plane,  Helicopter, etc.. The effective range for this tracer is over 50 meters.Simply turn off your TX, the tracer will start to scream (just like the engine sound of the ..
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Anti Vibration Dampening Rubber Balls with M3 screwUsage:For Anti-Vabration Purpose to Sensors Boards, Flight controllers, Robots, etcSpecifications:Item: Dumper RubberMaterial: Silicone Screw Length: 7mmDamping Length:4.5mmInner Hole: 3mm diameterWeight: 2 gramsWhat you Get: 4 x Shock Absorber..
Ex Tax:4.00€
DJI BTU (Bluetooth) Module for NAZA-M V2 DJI BTU (Bluetooth) Module for NAZA-M V2
DJI BTU Module (bluetooth) for Naza-M V2 controllerOverview: The BTU (Bluetooth Module) & Naza-M assistant software now provides an interface for the iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPad3, iPad4, iPad mini & iPod5 meaning that your are able too make parameter adjustments at any time using the BTU & ..
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DJI Can Bus Hub is ideal when more ports are needed especially in the case of installing the Mini Iosd with the Naza V2 and you already have the Zenmuse gimbal fitted and have no more spare ports.What you Get:1 x DJI CAN-BUS with 4 Expansion Hub Spare Part No.1..
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Electronic switch supports high-power LED lights, up to 2A. Dual switch can be set to a different operating modeProduct Features:2 channel work modeExternal power supply: 2.5V-25VCurrent Output: 2AWork mode: ON, OFF, ON, OFFWhat you Get:1 x Dual LED Controller 2 Channels 2A..
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Silicone Gel Anti Vibration Rubber BallsDescription: Ant-Vibration Dampening Rubber Balls Anti-Jello for Gimbals, Flight Controllers, Sensors, etc.Specifications:- Materials: Silicone Gel- Length: 21mm - Width: 17mm - Inner Diameter: 7mm - Color: Black or Blue Light- Weight: 1.5g (1 Pcs) can ..
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Pure Silicone Anti Vibration Dampening Rubber BallsUsage:For Anti-Vabration Purpose to Sensors, Flight controllers, Robots, APM, PIX, etcSpecifications:Item: Dumper RubberMaterial: Pure 100% Silicone Length: 13Wide: 8.5mmInner Hole: 3mm diameterWeight: 0.6 gramsWhat you Get: 4 x Pure Silicone D..
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Pure Silicone Anti-Vibration Dampening Rubber Balls, Anti Jello Gimbal. For Flight Controller PCB. Supra F4-12A, BETA FPV12A, SucceX F4 Whoop 12A, GEP-12AF4 and many other uses. Description: Ant-Vibration Dampening Rubber Balls Anti Jello GimbalMaterials : Silicone Specifications:- Length: 7mm - Wi..
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Dumper Rubbers M3 Silical Gel Balls Balls x4 pcs -Black Dumper Rubbers M3 Silical Gel Balls Balls x4 pcs -Black
Description:Anti-Vibration Dampening Rubber Balls Anti Jello Gimbal. Usage for M3 mounting hole flight controller PCB Boards, ESCs, RC multirotors, etc..Specifications:- Materials : Silicone Gel- Length: 6mm- Width: 6mm- Inner Diameter: 3mm- Color: Black- Weight: approx. less than 0.1gWhat you Get:4..
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Introduction:This module is a nice little relay switch controlled by a spare auxiliary channel on your receiver. Ideal for switching lights, sound, and any other auxiliary electrical items. When PWM duty is more than 1500us, the switch will turn on; when PWM duty is less than 1400us, the switch w..
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FTDI 5V Micro USB to TTL Programmer Card, Upload Tool.     The burner pin needs to be welded by itself.     Specifications:Size: 20 x 12 x 2 mmWhat you Get: 1 x FTDI 5V Micro USB to TTL Programmer Card, Upload Tool...
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Product Features:1. This navigation light is widely used and can be used in any model of sea and land using PWM signal. 2. This navigation lamp can be used for racing quad footpad, perfect in place of sponge MATS, with special materials, anti-cracking and toughness. Please treat customers differentl..
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One of the best ways to protect your Multicopter Landing Skids with Anti Vibration CushionWhat you Get:1 x Anti Vibration Cushion for Landing Skid..
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MKS GY-191 Heading Lock Gyro (Dual Rate)Dual-rate Adjust Mode, Heading hold (AVCS) Piezo Gyro & Standard Mode Internal temperature and shift compensation function Dual-rate remote of switch control function 5 CH setting of the minimum and maximum of ..
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