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Connector Gold Futaba style -Female

Connector Gold Futaba style -Female
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  • Model: PCGC-FUFS
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These connectors made from the highest quality materials to ensure you get the best connection. These connectors designed for RC applications
Now you can build your own extensions with our male / female sets. Complete with gold plated contacts, they can either be crimped or soldered (recommended).

One set including:

  • One high quality plastic case
  • Three gold quality bullet female plugs

What you Get:
1 x set  Futaba style connector Female

Technical Information
AssemblyFor Battery use Female Bullets. For ESC's, FCs, Charger, etc. use Male Bullets for Rx. etc. Solder or Grip the bullets with cable and then (wear) the plastic socket. Assemble the connectors, push the crimped male pins into the female housing until you hear them lock into place (the prongs will protrude out of the connector sockets), and then slide that assembly into the shroud. If you look inside the shroud, you will see a raised bump closer to one of the two openings; this is the opening into which you should plug the connector sub-assembly, and you should plug the assembly in so that the side of the female housing with the crimp pin latches faces the side of the shroud with the bump. If you have done things right, you will hear a snap when you push the female housing into the shroud, and it will lock in place
RecommendedUse with Silicone Cable (20~26AWG/0.5mtr.) power up to for connectors 6A (with 20AWG) constant current
Product Information
TipsThese connectors are commonly referred to as “male” in the RC hobby industry, so please look carefully at the pictures of male JR connectors to make sure they are what you want.
MaterialHigh Temp. synthetic plastic (case) & silver coated copper (plug)
Colorgold for plugs and Black for Plastic socket

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