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MKS DS1210 Digital Titanium Gear Servo -10kg-0.12sec

MKS DS1210 Digital Titanium Gear Servo -10kg-0.12sec
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  • Model: ERS-MKS-DS1210
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MKS Water Resistant Digital Servo DS1210 High Torque, High Speed 


  • Recommended for: RC Cars, RC Vehicles, RC Boats, RC Aiplanes, etc..
  • Water Resistant Bearings, Dustp, Water-Resistance
  • High Torque
  • Titanium Gears
  • Magnesium Case
  • Japan Coreless Motor

What you Get:
1 x MKS DS1210 Digital HV Servo 
1 x MKS Servo Accessories

Technical Information
ConfigurationMotor Coreless, 2x Ball Bearings
Power Informations
Voltage4.8 -5.5V
Product Specification
Frequency Range333us /120Hz
Speed4.8V: 0.14 sec/60° @5.5V: 0.131sec/60° @6.0V: 0.12sec/60° at no load
Torque4.8V: 8.05 kg/cm @ 5.5V: 9.2 kg/cm @6.0V:10.0kg/cm
Size and Weight Informations
Size (L * W * H)40 x 20 x 40 mm

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