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Extension servo cable 15cm, gold plug, Silicone wire 22AWG -Twisted

Extension servo cable 15cm, gold plug, Silicone wire 22AWG -Twisted
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Servo Extension cable, flexible twisted silicone wire 24AWG with gold connectors  JR Type, (female to male socket). 

Twisted wire (less interferancies)
Gold Plated Connectors (low resistance)
More Flexible than standard servo cables

What You Get:
1 x Servo Extension cable twisted silicone wire with gold connectors

Technical Information
RecommendedHeavy Duty servo connector (2~ 7 Amps). It can be used to make connections between RC Servos, Controllers, Receivers, ESCs, 3-Pin Sensors, etc.
Product Information
Product TypeConnectors: Male to Female, Fit for Futaba and JR receiver
MaterialPure Silicone Wire 22AWG, 60 Strands
In DepthTwisted Wire Reduce ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI). It can be a convinient way to connect: Sensors, Receivers, Flight Controllers, Robot Controllers, etc.

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