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Tools can really help you get your project done faster, or improvement your idea.

Ball Bearing Install/Remove Tool, mainly used for installing and removing the RC ball bearing.Features: Diameters: Can meet different Bearing sizes, from 2.0mm up to 14mm.Easy To Use: Compact and lightweight, easy to carry, it is a great RC model toolWhat you Get:1 x Ball Bearing Remover Tool..
Ex Tax:6.00€
Hand Tool Curved Tip Ball Link PlierLong Nose Tip Ball Link Plier with spring-loaded, self-opening hinge. Compact size makes this tool ideal for Removing Plastic Ball Links. Constructed from rugged and durable drop forged, heat treated steel. Precision-machined.  Cushioned non-slip handle grips..
Ex Tax:5.00€
High Quality mini Digital LCD Thermometer Temperature Indoor Humidity , wonderful tools for Indoor, Home, Laboratory, Library etc. Features:Temperature Range: -50°c ~ 70°cTemperature accuracy: ± 1 ℃Temperature display resolution: 0.1℃ .Measuring Humidity Range: 10% RH ~ 99% RHHumidity Accu..
Ex Tax:6.00€
Model: GT-DMM2530
Mini Digital Voltmeter from 2.5VDC up to 30VDCFeatures:LED Display: 0.28 inchMeasurement rate: ≥200mS / timesAccuracy: 1% (+/- 1 word)\What you Get:1 x Mini Digital Voltmeter with red Leds..
Ex Tax:4.00€
Model: GT-DMM300
This compact digital multimeter is designed to measure AC and DC voltages, DC current, Resistance, Diode and to perform audible continuity checks with accuracy and easy.Features:Maximum voltage 500VDC and 500VACFuse protection: F 250mA/250VPower supply: 12V battery. GP-23AX1Display: LCD.1999 counts ..
Ex Tax:8.13€
Model: HMT-41TSBR
Hand Tool Hardened Steel 4:1 setGood Quality Hand Tool that has the Following:1 x HEX 1.5mm 1 x HEX 2.0mm 1 x HEX 2.5mm 1 x HEX 3.0mm 1 x Handle Base with Length 100mm What's in the Box:1 x Hand Tool 4:1 Black color you seleted..
Ex Tax:13.00€
Model: HMT-61TSBR
Hand Tool Hardened Steel 6:1 setGood Quality Hand Tool that has the Following:1 x HEX 1.5mm 1 x HEX 2.0mm 1 x HEX 2.5mm 1 x HEX 3.0mm 1 x Phillips Driver 1 x Slotted driver 1 x Handle Base with Length 100mm What's in the B..
Ex Tax:16.00€
Model: HTH-LNNP130
Hand Tool Needle Nose PlierLong Nose Needle Plier with spring-loaded, self-opening hinge combined with wire cutter. Compact size makes this tool ideal for bending wires or working with small objects as well as work in tight places.. Constructed from rugged and durable drop forged, heat treated steel..
Ex Tax:4.50€
Model: HTH-PBM
Accurate Magnetic Propeller BalancerUses a magnetically suspended shaft to ensure pin point accuracy with zero resistance Prop Balancer Shaft Increase or Decrease to fit in your Propeller Hub. The Prop Balancer is ready to use (open box and Play) Carbon Fiber Materials and CN..
Ex Tax:7.00€
Model: EPT-NSR01015020M10
Nickel Strip quality low resistance 99.96% pure nickel Strip Sheets for battery spot welding machine, etc.. Features: Good welding performance, High tensile tension, Low resistivityUsage:Mainly used for nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries, pole ear, power tools, combined batteri..
Ex Tax:10.00€
Micro Precision Metal Pitch Gauge with Bubble Level. Best for All R/C Helicopter Rotor Blades (any size)..
Ex Tax:3.00€
Portable Welding PCB Board 12V set Portable Welding PCB Board 12V set
Function introduction: This circuit with 12V battery will become a storage spot welding machine for lithium battery, nickel-chromium battery and other nickel sheet welding, according to different configurations can be welded thickness of 0.1MM-0.15mm.Button function: The button can switch mod..
Ex Tax:26.00€
Model: HTE-WM150A
Sort Discription:Watt Meter is a indispensible instrument for measuring and calculating the electrical parameters of your circuit and get the most out of your model RC equipment.: ● Small, rugged and light weight device ● Measures Current (A), Voltage (V), Power (Watts) and Charge (Amp-Hour) ● Accur..
Ex Tax:20.00€
Model: HTH-PMT140
Hand Tool Pushrod Measuring ToolAdjust the correct Length (up to 140mm) of your Control Rods with Ball Links to your Helicopter. Precision-machined Tool. Easy to use.What you Get:1 x Pushrod Measuring Tool set..
Ex Tax:4.00€
Model: SCO-22_Adapter_Puller
Scorpion 22mm Prop Adapter PullerItem No: [22_Adapter_Puller]This superior quality 22mm Prop Adapter Puller is made by air craft grade aluminum, it provides an easiest and quickest way to remove your jammed prop adapter from the motor shaft without any damage. This puller fits perfectly for 22mm Sco..
Ex Tax:4.02€
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