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VBar NEO Acces

VBar NEO Accessories. Cases, Converion Kit, Antennas, Gyroscope VBar, Gyro Tape, Patchable VBar Receiver, Mini USB.

Model: MIK-VB-05064
05064 VBar Accessories Antenna for VBar NEO, 250mm..
Ex Tax:7.18€
Model: MIK-CU-05062
Case for VBar NEO including 180 mm 2.4 GHz antenna wiresFor the 2nd hardware generation 04945/46 VBar NEO 6.1 Express (with antenna connectors on the main board) VBar NEOs of the 1st hardware generation can not be converted. For those devices, please use VBar Control RX Satellite 04882 and..
Ex Tax:15.65€
Model: MIK-CU-04613
04613 VBar NEO Accessories Gyro Tape for VBar 100x50x1,2mm..
Ex Tax:3.15€
Model: MIK-CU-05059
Case for VBar NEO For the 2nd hardware generation 04945/46 VBar NEO 6.1 Express (with antenna connectors on the main board) 04949/50 VBar NEO 6.1 Express NEO VLink (with antenna wires plugged in directly to the single pc board) 05054 VBar NEO VBasicFor the 1st hardware generation c..
Ex Tax:10.65€
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