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Telemetry. Curremt-Voltage-Capacity Sensor, Battery ID, Temperature, GPS, Sensor connection, VBar Control Scorpion ESC

Model: MIK-ATE-04972
04972 Mikado VBar control Current Sensor cover kit..
Ex Tax:7.66€
Model: MIK-ATE-04890
Current/Voltage/Capacity sensor for VBar Control Hardware Features of the Current/Voltage/Capacity Sensor for flight packsIndividually precision calibrated Optocoupler Reverse battery protection No influence from motor or current carrying wires   Software F..
Ex Tax:60.40€
Model: MIK-ATE-04906
Prerequisite: A VBar or Mini VBar with RX 1/RX 2 ports is required. Application: You can use the GPS Module e.g. to practice speed flying, or simply to see how fast your heli is actually flying. The GPS coordinates can be saved as a track, which you can display directly in Google Earth on your PC o..
Ex Tax:79.03€
Model: MIK-ATE-04899
Mikado Sensor connection wire 500mm, VBar Control Item 04899..
Ex Tax:5.00€
Model: MIK-ATE-05058
This sensor only works with VBar NEO, older devices such as Mini VBar/Blueline/Silverline are not supported...
Ex Tax:27.34€
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