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LOGO 200 - OMP M2

OMPHOBBY M2 V2, LOGO 200 Spare parts

Model: PBL-B-60C-700-3S1P
Gens ace 700mAh 11.1V 60C 3S1P Lipo Battery Pack with XT30 plug Product no.: B-60C-700-3S1P Gens ace 700mah 3S1P 60C battery is suitable for the following models: OMPHOBBY M2 RC Helicopter and Mikado LOGO 200Specifications: - Product Type: Lipo battery pack - Capacity: 700mAh - Voltage: ..
Ex Tax:12.09€
Model: HSP-OMP-05440
OMPHOBBY M2 V2, M2 EXP, LOGO 200, Servo arm, 05440..
Ex Tax:6.05€
Model: HSP-OMP-05404
OMPHOBBY M2 V2, M2 EXP, LOGO 200, Shaft set, 05404..
Ex Tax:7.18€
Model: MIK-RT-05429
05429 Mikado LOGO 200 Tail rotor blades..
Ex Tax:16.05€
VTX Rotor Blades, LOGO 200 -05406
New Product
Model: MIK-MB-05406
05406 VTX Rotor Blades, LOGO 200..
Ex Tax:11.21€
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