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Model: GAU-KIT-208051
GAUI X5 FORMULA Basic Kit -208051 1. New Formula version X5, stylish Black/Red anodized CNC parts.2. New Low CG FORMULA FBL rotor head, Formula Rotor Head is 10mm lower than theprevious standard X5 Rotor head. Increase in flight characteristics of X5.3. CNC Washout Arm centered on Main Rotor head a..
Ex Tax:335.00€
New Features, New ExperiencesNew FBL Head - compared to DFC in other versionsLonger main blades - enlarged to 190mm, better performanceRedesigned tail motor & blades - quieter flight & smoother controlAdjustable tail boom - variable length for different experiencesLarger 60C 3S 750mAh LiPo &..
Ex Tax:346.00€
The NEW OMPHobby M2 EVO is the latest version of the M2 helicopterNew Features, New Experience New FBL Head - compared to DFC in other versions Longer main blades - enlarged to 190mm, better performance Redesigned tail motor & blades - quieter flight & smoothe..
Ex Tax:290.00€
Oxy Heli by Lynx: The Oxy Helicopter project is a natural evolution for Lynx Helicopters. Experience gained over many years of producing high quality upgrades has placed us in a unique position to enter the helicopter market. Our upgrades have been passionately developed by a core team of enginee..
Ex Tax:305.00€
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