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Brand: Matek Model: PPDB--51HUB
Matek 5 in 1 Module Power Distribution Board + LED Control + BEC 5V+ Low Voltage Alarm+ Tracker 4 layers PCB with 2oz cooper. It is a 5in1 HUB with Power Distribution Board, BEC 5V/3A &12V/500mA, LED Light Controller, Lost Plane Finder & Low Voltage Alarm functions. It is specially made fo..
Ex Tax:9.00€
Brand: Matek Model: PPDB-MMPDB
Matek Mini PDB and LDO 12V 500mAh@16V and 12V 200mAh 24V@Features: Mini size PDB saving more space for ESC Using 2oz copper for PCB Board, High current resistant 12V voltage stabilization, to power to the camera Especially fit with axis frame which without PDB Mounting Pitch: 24mm What you..
Ex Tax:4.47€
Brand: Matek Model: PPDB-PDB-MAT-31SBV
Matek System 3in 1 with Low Voltage Lipo Battery, Discovery Buzzer, Signal Loss Matek System 3 in 1 input Voltage 2--6S LiPo Battery monitor, Discovery buzzer Signal loss alarm Specification: Size: 20x30x6mm Twin loud buzzers, 85db Input voltage range 2S-6S Lipo Automatically alarms..
Ex Tax:12.00€
Brand: Matek Model: PPDB-PDBXT60
Matek Power Distribution Board (PDB) with XT-60 connectorFeature:Designed for RC Receivers, Flight controllers, OSD, and ServosEngineered to provide the highest possible performance and reliability (up to 100 Amps) in a 36*50mm & 4 layers PCB. It distributes power from a LiPo pack to 6 ESCs, as ..
Ex Tax:5.56€
Brand: Matek Model: PPDB-125LEDS
Power Distribution Board with BEC 5V & 12V and LED Switch The 5V BEC connection is ideal for powering your flight controller or RC receiver, 12V output could be used to power FPV components or lighting. Both BECs are compatible with 2-6S LiPo and can output up to 3amps continuous. The boar..
Ex Tax:3.95€
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