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Lipo 5 Cells

Lipo Battery pack five cells (5s) 18.5 Volts

Product no: B-25C-10000-5S1P  - Article no: GA00008Specifications: - Product Type: lipo battery pack - Capacity: 10000mAh - Voltage: 18.5V - Discharge Rate: 25C - Weight: 1121g - Dimensions: 171 * 48 * 48mm (L * W * H)- Wire Gauge: 10#- Wire Length: 65mm/150mm - Balance Plug: JST-XH..
Ex Tax:129.00€
SKU: B-45C-1800-5S1P - Artricle No: GA00006 Gens ace 1800mah 5S 45C lipo battery is a high quality Lipo battery for RC hobbies, with light weight and high discharge and provide enough power to your machine; Gens Ace 1800mah 18.5V lipo battery’s max continuous discharge can be 45C, and the max bur..
Ex Tax:32.00€
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