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Model: KON-SC-9470
Introduction:Heat Sink Aluminium for Kontronik JIVE Series ESCWhat you Get:1 x Kontronik Heat Sink for JIVE..
Ex Tax:4.80€
Kontronik KOLIBRI 140 LV-I -4340 Kontronik KOLIBRI 140 LV-I -4340
New Product
Model: PEH-KON-4340
KONTRONIK KOLIBRI 140 LV-I Order # 4340Sort Description:Kontronik Kolibri LV Series All versions have a high and stable performance. The KOLIBRI also provides the well-known safety functions of KONTRONIK products. As the software is based on our premium ESC KOSMIK, the KOLIBRI provi..
Ex Tax:225.00€
Model: KON-SC-9311
Introduction:The ProgUNIT will enthuse you with its intuitive easy-to-use comfort. With the separate and free Software K-KONFIG (for Windows™ PC) programming of your ESC cannot be easier. No endless long manuals, no sound series, no clicking through. Quick and easy you find the parameter you're look..
Ex Tax:48.31€
Model: KON-SC-9700
Introduction:These aren't the same Ferrite Rings, that you're used to. Kontronik's Toroidal cores are specially built from a Nanocrystalline Substance to filter noise out better than any Ferrite Ring ever could. What you Get:1 x Kontronik ProgUNIT -Item 9311..
Ex Tax:4.76€
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