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Model: PEH-HW30215100
Sort Discription: Excellent Motor Governing Speed High-performance 32-bit processor with a running frequency of 72MHz combined with advanced algorithm optimizes the speed governing. Together with the adjustable governor parameters guarantees every pilot a precise control experience.High Voltage Bu..
Ex Tax:60.00€
Hobbywing Platinum Pro 80A-LV V4 -30203200 Hobbywing Platinum Pro 80A-LV V4 -30203200
Model: PEH-HW30203200
Sort Discription: Super Soft Start-up Platinum V4 serial products allows the motor to start extremely smooth and avoids tail-drift issues that helicopters experience. The start-up time is adjustable from 8 to 25 seconds, this will definitely create a perfect starting point for every flight. Excell..
Ex Tax:88.00€
Model: PEH-HW30502001
Hobbywing LCD Programm Box for Xerun, Ezrun and Platinum ESCFeatures: - Works as an individual device to set the ESC, the value of each parameter is displayed on the LCD screen. - Works as an USB adapter to link the ESC with a PC to update the firmware of the ESC or set the ESC by HOBBYWING..
Ex Tax:23.75€
Model: ERU-30603000
Overview: This UBEC is an external switching mode DC-DC regulator; it draws DC voltage from 2-6S LiPo battery, drops it to a voltage level that is suitable for your receivers and other electronic devices, and keeps providing the stable current output of up to 10Amp. As the UBEC has such a powerfu..
Ex Tax:36.00€
Hobbywing UBEC 3A @ 5/6V with Noise Filter and Ferrite bead for RF Features:Uses an advanced switch mode DC-DC regulator IC. Output is powerful enough even working with 4S to 6S Lipo battery. Battery polarity reversal protection. Metal shield and a filter significantly reduce the electro..
Ex Tax:7.24€
Model: EVR-ZMR3V
ZMR UBEC V3 8A for RC-Drones, Planes, Boats, etc..Sort Discription: Suitable for multi-rotor aircraft, fixed-wing, FPV, high-power image transmission, etc. (If 12V voltage is required, the input voltage must be higher than 12V) No external power-off switch is included. Switching technology to..
Ex Tax:24.00€
Model: EVR-ZMR4V
ZMR UBEC V4 8A for RC-Drones, Planes, Boats, etc..Sort Discription: Special purpose for model airplane gasoline engine. Only one battery is used, one power output is supplied to servos, receiver and other devices at the same time, and the other power output adopts optocoupler isolation technolo..
Ex Tax:26.00€
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