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Model: GVR-3003
One more imagine high-tech electronic device from Gryphon the Pionner in r/c electronicsPort : Input 2CH, Output 2CHComponents : Main unit 1EA, RX cable 2EA, Operating guideIf you running unregulated LiPo or LiFe power to your servos, this regulator will allow you to run regulated current to your se..
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Model: GRY-1012
Gryphon GEB-1012 External Buzzer 12mmOption accessory for the Gryphon Auto Booster plugs into the AUX port for additional very loud buzzing when Auto Booster is activated.Useful as a locator tool. If you lose your model, turn on the Auto Booster with this loud buzzer and it will be easy to find!What..
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Model: GRY-5530A
Gryphon Glow plug wire Alligator Clip..
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Model: GRY-5530S
Gryphon Glow plug wire Spring Clip..
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Model: GRY-GSB-1010S
This is the slide-type switch used in a regulator (GVR7020) The slide switch is a fail-safe-on type switch. If the switch is destroyed, the unit will remain ON. Only when the sliding switch is moved to the OFF position will the unit turn OFF. Bight Blue LED activates when the switch ..
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