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DYS Director for Handled DSLR BL Gimbals. Direct Connection to Alemos 32 Bit Gimbal Controller What you Get:1 x DYS Director for Alexmos 32 Bit Controller1 x Accessory pack for wiring..
Ex Tax:8.13€
DYS Eagle Eye Camera Mount (upgraded with Bigger size BL motor for Yaw) Item No: HHG5D.Handheld DSLR Brushless Gimbal with Alexmos 32 Bit contollerWhat you Get:1 x Handled DSLR Brushless Gimbal kit DYS HHG5D1x Brushless Motor BGM5208-200-12 (big motor for the 3-axis)2x Brushless Motor BGM5..
Ex Tax:805.65€
Gimbals, DYS Stand kit for Handled DSLR BL Gimbals. Made By Carbon Fiber and Plastic Boom Clamps What you Get:1 x DYS Stand Kit for DSLR BL Gimbals -Unassembled..
Ex Tax:122.00€
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