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 Scorpion HK-2221 Brushless Motor Kit

Scorpion HK-2221 Brushless Motor Kit

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Scorpion HK2221 Brushless Motor Kit

In response to the many requests that we have had for kit versions of the Scorpion Brushless motors, we are now making them available for people that enjoy the satisfacton of building their own. Each kit contains all the required parts to make the motor, all you need to provide is the Wire and the Labor.

The HK series of Scorpion Motor kits are High Kv versions of the 22mm motors that are designed for use in Helicopters, Ducted Fans, Racing Models, and other applications requiring a High Kv motor. These motors are based on a 9 pole stator with 6 magnets in the flux ring, and are normally configured with a Kv in the 2500-3500 RPM/Volt range.

(Note: The photo to the right shows a 12 pole stator, this photo will be changed as soon as we get one that shows the 9-pole stator.)

To complete the kit, the builder needs to:

Wind and terminate the stator

Glue the stator in place on the bearing holder

Install the bearings into the bearing holder

Glue the magnets into the flux ring

Install the completed rotor assembly onto the bearing assembly and secure the shaft with the retaining collar.

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at making your own motor, but were afraid it was too complex a project, the Scorpion Brushless Motor Kit provides a simple way for you to do that, with all the hard work already done.

Each kit contains the following parts:

Assembled 9-pole stator constructed from 0.20mm laminations with powder-coated inner surfaces to prevent winding shorts

Gold Electro-coated Rear Housing/Bearing Tube assembly

Two high-speed shielded ball bearings

Rotor assembly with gold electro-coated front housing, black electro-coated flux ring, and pre-installed 3mm motor shaft with retaining collar

Cross style aluminum backplate mount with mounting screws

Complete set of curved NdFeB motor magnets

Heat shrink tubing to cover motor leads and provide strain relief

Weight including packaging

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