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 Scorpion 2215 Replacement Magnets

Scorpion 2215 Replacement Magnets
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Scorpion 2215 Replacement Magnets

In a brushless motor, the magnets are one of the most important components. The 2 key parameters for motor magnets are the magnetic strength and the maximum temperature rating. Most magnets that are commonly used in brushless motors are either N45 or N48 strength with a temperature rating of between 80 to 100 degrees Celsius, which is between 176 to 212 Fahrenheit.

The magnets used in Scorpion motors are the finest available, with N50 magnetic strength and a temperature rating of 200 degrees Celsius, or 392 degrees Fahrenheit! This allows them to operate in the most demanding conditions without the worries of having them de-magnatize due to over-heating.

These are the same magnets that are used in the construction of the Scorpion 2215 series motors, and supplied with the Scorpion 2212 motor kits. The magnets have an N50-EH rating, and are simply the best magnets available for motor construction.

These magnets are sold as replacements for Scorpion Motors or kits, or for motor scratch-builders that want to have the best magnets that are currently available. Since these magnets have a curved profile, they are manufactured in 2 varieties: one with the North pole on the inner surface, and the other with the South pole on the inner surface. Because of this, the magnets are sold in matched pairs with one North and one South pole magnet per pair. The magnet with the North pole on the inside is designated with a red stripe on the ends.

Strength N50
Temp Rating 200 C (392 F)
Length 15.0 mm
Width 4.0 mm
Thickness 1.8 mm
Inner Curve Diameter 22.7 mm
Outer Curve Diameter 26.3 mm

Weight including packaging

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