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 KDS 40A ESC with BEC 2.0/5V (aero+heli) best for T-Rex450

KDS 40A ESC with BEC 2.0/5V (aero+heli) best for T-Rex450
CODE: KDS-2003-3

Price: 28.90

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KDS 40A Speed Controller
for Brushless Motor with BEC 2.0 / 5.0V, best for r/c 450 Helicopters
Main Parameters:
  1. When the controller signals lose, it will stop automatically
  2. It can be used for electric Airplanes, Helicopters, Boats, Car
  3. It can be positive and reverse change by adjusting the motor lines.

Weight: xxx grams (approximately)
Size: xxx 
Constant Current: 40 A (continuous)
Max Current:
50 A (30sec)
Inside impedance: 0.0033
BEC current: 2.0 (A)
Sustaining Voltage: 7.2V up to 12V
Temp. Overload: 90 C
Low- Voltage Cutoff: Yes
Li-PO Protect: 8.5V+/-10%

Warning: If the using current of the BEC over the rating, we advise you use extra BEC. Or it will damage the Controller. Please note that, motor plugs and battery connectors are not included in th package.

What You Get:
1 x KDS 40A ESC for helis & planes with soldered connectors

◎3 LiPo battery
◎Maximun electric current in moment 50 A
◎Maximun continue electric current 40 A
◎BEC electric current 5.0 Vs/2 A
◎Weak electricity protection 9.2V /
◎ Temperature overload protection 90 ℃

A. Scientific circuitry designs, all of them are make from import components.
B. Using lowest impedance PCB, the capability of enduring current is good and compeletly reach the current specifications marked.
C. Controlling circuitry and BEC circuitry use independent circuitry to supply power, they have better anti-jamming ability, which can avoid wild possiblity.
D. Controlling circuitry and power output use independent PCB, which can prevent the tempreture of power tubal effect controlling circuit. There are 2mm clearances on controlling PCB and power output PCB so that there is better heatradiating surroundings.
E. Good temperature protection circuit.
F. Over- voltage protection and low- voltage protection function.
G. Super soft and superior timing linearity feeling.

A. Safety start-up mode: when ESC gets power, the throttle sticker of transmitter which is in any point can t make ESC turn on.
B. Low-voltage protection: when input voltage is less than enactment value, ESC can decrese or close power input automatically and protect drive battery effectively.
C. Over-voltage protection: when input voltage is less than enactment value, ESC will utter alarm, and ESC will stop working, which prevent ESC from damageing.
D. Over-heat protection: when the temperature is out of range, ESC will breake off power
output automatically, which can protect ESC effectively.
E. Battery type option: there are two options.
F. Start-up mode: there are three modes which can be used for all model aerocrafts.
G. Transmitter compatibility T setting throttle travel, being compatible with all brand transmitters.
H. Safety: using ESC properly, if ESC lose remote control signal, ESC will colse output automatically, which avoid loss causing by losing control.

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