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 Gaui 330X Aluminum Frame Posts PM2x3.5x20.2 (210505)

Gaui 330X Aluminum Frame Posts PM2x3.5x20.2 (210505)
CODE: RS.GA210505

Price: 1.90

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330x Aluminum Frame Posts PM2x3.5x20.2 (210505)

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Price: 2.59

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Our price: 10.99

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Our price: 5.90

Our price: 5.90

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210707 Central Frame Extension (for 330X series)
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210708 Motor Base Board Extension (for 330X series)
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210850 Protection Frame set fro Gaui 330X
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Gaui 330X 8 inch Props 2x8+2x8B (4pcs) Fluorescent Pink -210804
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Gaui 330X 8 inch Props 2x8A+2x8B (4pcs) Fluorescent Green -210802
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Gaui 330X 8 inch Props 2x8A+2x8B (4pcs) Fluorescent Yellow -210803
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Gaui 330X Aluminum Frame Posts PM2x3.5x20.2 (210505)
CODE: RS.GA210505
Gaui 330X Central Frames (210702)
CODE: RS.GA210702
Gaui 330X Frame Extension Set (210701)
CODE: RS.GA210701
Gaui 330X Landing Gear Set (210905)
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Gaui 330X Motor Mount 2pcs (210703)
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Gaui GS-097 Digital Metal Gear Servo 3.4kg-cm, 0.14sec 60deg (GUEC GS-097) -210097
CODE: RE.GA210097
The Sponge Tapes (for One-Axis Camera Mount) 210831
CODE: RS.GA210831
Price: 29.99€

Price: 2.29€


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